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Contract Administration

Our template documents have been reviewed and approved by our Office of General Counsel.  Please keep in mind that while our templates contain required contract language, there are several sections that we are able to edit and adjust to assist meeting your Department’s needs.  Please feel free to contact for assistance.


Contract departmental review

To initiate the agreement review process by the Contract Group, your department must provide one of the following documents indicating that funds have been encumbered and/or the authorizing department representatives have examined and approved the contract terms and conditions:

1)  Approved Requisition number (FAMIS or Canopy entry)

2)  Non-Purchase Order Contract/Agreement Transmittal Approval Form (See TAMU-CC Website, Contract Administration online forms)

3) *Approved Limited Purchase Orders number

*Limited Purchase Orders using pre-approved standard TAMU-CC agreements; Agreements that are $5,000 and under may not require contracts review if signature is not required by vendor.